The history of Pricelessware.

The Pricelessware list began as a successor to "The Big List", a quick reference point for frequently requested Freeware programs. The first Pricelessware List was created in the early months of the year 2000.

Pricelessware is the brainchild of Son of Spy (SOS) and the Pricelessware List was first hosted on his web sites:
The "Pricelessware" name was coined by Tiger®. Graphics for the first Pricelessware List were created by Garrett. The first Pricelessware List was displayed on one web page that contained only program names and download links. Shortly after the Pricelessware List began Genna Reeney developed individual pages with detailed program descriptions and Home Page links and also began hosting the Pricelessware list.
Genna purchased the domain name in July 2001; migrated the 2001 Pricelessware List to the new site and subsequently created the Pricelessware 2002 web pages.
The Pricelessware 2003 web pages were created by a team of alt.comp.freeware volunteers. bob, Bronson C. Elliott, Keith Gardner, R.L., Roger Spencelayh, and Spacey Spade helped gather information. Susan Bugher prepared the web pages. A Category Index was added and programs on the Alphabetical Index page were linked to their descriptions. The Cumulative Pricelessware List web page and alt.comp.freeware's Ware Glossary were added later in 2003.

In early 2004 a Pricelessware CD was created and the ACF Program Information pages were added. An ACF wiki was created by Mark Carter in May. The domain name was acquired by newsgroup participants and the web site came on-line in July.
2005 saw the creation of a Pricelessware 2005 CD. New web pages were added and the ACF wiki moved to a new (temporary) location.

During the 2007 Pricelessware selection process (fall of 2006) Susan Bugher announced her resignation as "point person" for subsequent Pricelessware Lists. When fall of 2007 rolled around there still was no new volunteer and hence, no 2008 Pricelessware List.

Almost one year later B. R. 'BeAr' Ederson stepped forward to take the lead.. The 2008 Pricelessware List was created only as a series of posts in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup. In another departure from previous practice the list was archived (in October 2008) when the Pricelessware selection process was complete. (Versions of programs that are in active development will not change. Program names will not be updated. Programs that become Shareware will not be removed etc.) .

Some months after completion of the latest Pricelessware selection process 2008 Pricelessware web pages were created by other volunteers. A 2008 Pricelessware CD should be available in the near future.

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