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Description: Web page design and creator of The Index.
Having a web page on the internet can get your message seen across the world. While you shouldn't expect to have oil barons from Saudia Arabia ordering new Chevs from your local sales lot, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. If you have a unique product, buyers from just about anywhere will contact you looking for that special deal - something to think about!

Having your business, or even your farm, listed on The Index can make a big difference in the amount of business you conduct. Consider another businessman or individual who is computerized: would he reach for a telephone book to look you up when he could find you much easier on The Index? If he's like me, believe me when I tell you it is important to make yourself available to the information highway. A smart farmer is one sitting on his tractor talking on his cellphone ordering his feed from the distributor while he works his land.